The VIDREBUIG project was benefited from a grant from the NUCLIS research and development support program of ACCIÓ, with funding from the European Regional Development Fund ERDF, within the framework of the 2014-2020 ERDF Program of Catalonia.CALAF INDUSTRIAL designed a new solution for the extraction of glass from municipal solid waste (MSW) based on the technological innovation of artificial vision equipment.

Said equipment automatically identifies and separates the glass from different treated waste streams in mixed waste treatment plants (fraction of the "grey container"), including flows with organic waste.
The company manufactured a prototype that operates stably under demanding industrial conditions and obtains glass extraction yields of more than 75% of the glass contained in the incoming flow.
During the development, CALAF INDUSTRIAL generalized the VIDREBUIG application to all types of waste capable of containing glass. In addition, the VIDREBUIG solution provided tools to increase the obtaining of other recyclable materials and refuse-derived fuels (RDF), as well as the reduction of reject materials generated in waste treatment plants.

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