The objective of the CIRCPACK project is to increase efficiencies in the value chain of economic sectors related to plastic packaging as well as in the development and applications of biodegradable plastic packaging products.

The CIRCPACK project groups 22 companies from 6 different countries led by the CIRCE Centre (Centro de investigación de recursos y consumos energéticos), based in Zaragoza, Spain. This project receives a grant from the European Commission through the H2020 programme.

On the one hand, the project will demonstrate and replicate actions that facilitate the transition from the current linear value chain of plastic packaging to a chain based on the principles of circular economy. In this regard, CALAF INDUSTRIAL develops automated optical sorting solutions that increase the recovery of light-weight plastic containers made up of a wide range of monolayer, multi-layer and composite materials. On the other hand, CALAF INDUSTRIAL provides automated identification and separation solutions for bioplastics packaging integrated into a broader and more sustainable business model than the current model.

The CIRCPACK project will provide innovative biodegradable plastics that will use alternative bio-based raw materials that will contribute to the reduction of the packaging's environmental footprint. In this solution, a multi-sector approach of cascade recycling is applied which may also provide solutions in other value chains, such as automotive and hygienic product containers, increasing the range of recovered and recycled materials.