The LIFE PST SORT project consists of the development and demonstration of an innovative material sorting solution aiming to recover secondary raw materials from Automotive Shredder Residues (ASR) of end-of-life vehicles (ELV), which are mostly landfilled or incinerated. The project includes the design and construction of a demonstration plant that will be installed at the CALAF’s premises. Tests of other materials and feedstocks (such as slags, IBA, MSW and industrial wastes) will be performed in order to demonstrate replicability and transferability attributes of the LIFE PST SORT solution.

LIFE PST SORT has received funding from the European Union’s LIFE research and innovation programme under grant agreement No LIFE17 ENV/ES/000168. The project started in September 2018 and will be developed during 30 months. 

Stakeholders: potential customers benefiting from the LIFE PST SORT solution are mainly Recyclers and Post-Shredding Treatment operators of ELVs, as well as Waste Management companies. Local authorities and research centres will also benefit from the demonstration plant that CALAF has built at its premises.