About us

35 years of experience

Calaf Industrial has more than 35 years of experience in the design, engineering and manufacture of industrial machinery for all types of industry at an international level. The steady growth of the company and constant technological innovation have allowed us to specialise in the automation of industrial processes. The company also offers turnkey design and integration of industrial plants for different sectors.

Calaf Industrial have state-of-the-art installations of more than 5000 m², which allow us to manufacture any type of industrial machinery, both prototypes and for mass manufacture. The structure of the company is mainly made up of highly qualified professionals (senior engineers, technical engineers, specialised technicians).

Quality forms part of the essence of Calaf Industrial, which is why we have an integrated, certified and consolidated management system at our disposal, based on the ISO 9001 quality management, the ISO 14001 environmental management and the OHSAS 18001 prevention of occupational risks international regulations.


Technical capacity: the basis of our competitiveness

Calaf Industrial are committed to our staff team as the main basis of our competitiveness. For this reason, our team incorporates professionals with wide technical qualifications, promoting the continuous development of their skills and abilities through a diverse technical and specialised training plan. 

Calaf Industrial has a group of central services that includes the different administrative departments, human resources, legal consulting, international, quality, prevention of labour risks and environment. In addition, the staff team at our technical offices deal with the technological projects and the production and assembly plants where the different projects are carried out.



Calaf Industrial has more than 5,000 m2 of installations located in Calaf (Barcelona).

The main part of the facilities is destined to different boxes for the manufacture of industrial machinery and the automation of industrial processes. The different commissioning of the equipment is carried out through the test benches to ensure that the equipment and the machinery are well tested. Calaf Industrial has adequate productive means to guarantee the high standards of quality and service to its customers.

The technical office of Calaf Industrial is formed by a team of highly qualified technicians, senior engineers, engineers and technicians. One part is dedicated to research and development, where a specialized team is dedicated exclusively to study new design proposals, new technologies applicable and optimization of existing projects for its customers.

The introduction of innovations in the production processes together with the incorporation of the most modern technology means that Calaf Industrial has the leading installations in the sector.