Calaf Industrial is your technical office and your factory. With more than 35 years in the industrial sector and with the sum of the knowledge of our clients at our shoulder, we offer you consulting and work that is professional, creative, of high quality and completely confidential, to give shape to your ideas  and inventiveness.

Within the engineering, integral design and manufacture services, at Calaf Industrial we provide all the different stages of development that they consist of.

  • Product innovation phase.
  • Consulting and support in obtaining subsidies to finance the project.
  • Concept design and product development.
  • Prototypes.
  • Manuals and certificates according to the applicable regulations.
  • Manufacture.

Manufacturing according to the customer's design

At Calaf Industrial we offer all our resources and our manufacturing line to accommodate our clients’ constructive products according to their needs.

Calaf Industrial’s main aim is to guarantee our clients maximum confidentiality and the peace of mind of working on a closed budget.  Our flexibility in production also allows us to guarantee the required deadline.