The VIDREBUIG project corresponds to the development of mechanical and electronic components of automated glass waste sorters that are part of mechanical and biological treatment (MBT) plants of municipal solid waste (MSW).

The main technological innovation of this project consists of the pneumatic separation solution (by compressed air) in optical sorters (machine-vision) as well as the controlling system (electronics) of the air-ejection valve manifolds. The project also includes modifications in the feeding and mechanical separation equipment which are set before the optical sorters on the process lines.

As the VIDREBUIG project allows relevant increases of glass waste recovery of treatment plants, in a framework of Circular Economy, it received a grant from the Nuclis programme (“Nuclis d'R+D empresarial”) of the Business Competitiveness Agency (ACCIÓ) of the Catalonian Government (Generalitat de Catalunya), with the support of the European Regional Development Fund (FEDER) programme of the European Union.

CALAF INDUSTRIAL has generalised the application of this technology to a wide range of wastes that may contain glass, while other recyclables and refuse-derived fuel (RDF) may be driven out of the main waste stream as by-products of the waste treatment plants. The impact of this project is not only limited to increasing the performance of waste treatment plants but also to the purification processes of reclaimed glass for the beverage and food glass containers manufacturing.